Differ: a free and friendly VCF viewer for OS X

Here at Diploid we're proud to release the first beta of Differ, a VCF viewer for OS X. The idea to create Differ originated while working with clients of our genome interpretation service. Many of them are having a hard time working with VCF files. Opening huge whole genome VCF files, searching them, splitting VCFs that contain multiple samples,.... all of these VCF-related tasks are often difficult and cumbersome, even for geneticists with a good level of bioinformatics knowledge.

Differ wants to put fiddling with VCFs to an end: it offers a graphical way to inspect, search, split and merge VCF files. It's not only more friendly to use, it's actually faster than any Unix tool or commercial application on the market today. That's because Differ uses all available processor cores on your Mac.

Read the full press release, or try Differ on your own Mac. The software is in its first beta, we're welcoming feedback from the genomics community.



At June 24, 2015 at 5:15 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Is differ still available?

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